Fresh cut Cedar Branches

Fresh cut Cedar Branches

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 Fresh cut Cedar Branches
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Choices include:
8 oz package of fresh cut: Tip ends 4 to 6 inches long 
1 pound of fresh cut:12"-16" Inch, stems are curved and make creating wreaths and swags easy
1 pound of fresh cut: 8"-12" Inch clippings are good for creating garlands or arranging.
1 pound of fresh cut: mix of 8" to 16" inches
If steams are placed in water or kept cooled they will last for 4 to 6 weeks
Orders of under 5 units Usually Ship in 3 Day
Wholesale orders or orders of 6 units or more have a two-week lead time Should you need more than 6 unit in less than 15 days: Please call us for our current availability before ordering!

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