About Us

I started Willows and More out of the love for trees, crafting and weddings.

The journey into starting Willows and More began out of the love for trees, crafting and weddings. After working as a tree trimmer for over 15 years, nature was my inspiration bringing forth 20+ years of crafting, and putting together several weddings. It only made sense that my knowledge of trees, love for crafting, and weddings all come together, creating Willows and More!

We design, manufacture and grow most of our products. As such we can help you with special orders or custom designs.

               We provide an array of custom colors and size to make the design specific                   to your needs 

               A custom design fee may be needed in developing and preparing custom                     work. Lead times can vary depending on the design.

Our products are designed to last with longevity in mind. Our products are reusable, even our fresh cut branches once they are dry can be reused

Our phones are answered by real people (during normal business hours.)

Our Items are grown and developed through local resources

We stock and make our products in our facility which is located in Indiana

Call our office at 812-614-6767 between the hours of 9:00 AM and 4:30 PM ET Monday through Friday to speak directly with a member of our team.